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Hello, I'm Rob Gilliam...I'm a native Bowling Greenian.  I graduated from Warren Central in 1990 and shortly after, joined the military where I was introduced to Coed and Men's volleyball. I played for the time I was active duty and then some years later in recreational coed league.  I did not even think about volleyball again until was asked to coach a youth recreational team in 2014, after signing up my daughter, Jordan.
I had coached county league for a few seasons when I decided to start a club team, Southern Kentucky Net Threat (SKYNT) in order to keep playing throughout the winter months.  This is my 7th season as head coach for SKYNT and I'm learning more about this sport now than I ever did when I was playing!

I enjoy seeing and helping these girls grow in the sport that they have become passionate about and will continue to do so as long as they want me to.

SKYNT on Three!!!!