Dec 8, 2021
Welcome back to SKYNT Volleyball 2022!  I'm excited to get this season going as we've picked up a few new players and they've melted right into this bowl of volleyball soup.  We've started practicing and the girls are working hard.  We'll take a few weeks off for Christmas, but will be back at it at the start of the New Year with the Winter Warmup in the second weekend of January, right here in Bowling Green.  Look for us on Facebook as we'll be live-streaming our games for those who can't be there in person.  That's all for now... Stay tuned!

Jan 17, 2021

First tourney of the season, Winter Warm-Up, was a modified "round robin" format.  Each team played four matches and called it a day.  The 14's did awesome as it was their first time out with a whole new squad, every one of their sets were close and they did take a team to 3 sets to come up a little short in the deciding set.  Would have been nice to see how they would have played in bracket, if the tourney had one.

The 16's did equally as well taking all of their teams, except for a very skilled EVRC team to 3 sets, winning one out of the 3.  Of course, this team is playing up, but the girls gel really well and I expect great things in the upcoming tournaments.  

Hopefully we'll have a better showing next weekend in Franklin TN, @ the Music City Block Party!  Good luck ladies!

Apr 17, 2020
So, the Spike Fest in Gatlinburg did NOT disappoint, even though we were short a player!  Had a 4-2 pool play on Saturday (only loss was to Club Attack out of West Virginia) which put us on the bubble the next morning in crossover.  Had to go three sets with GAVC but ended up sealing the deal to make it to Gold division. Then we faced a tough Alliance South in the semi's but after taking them down in two, only to meet Club Attack agin, but this time in the Championship!  1st set was humbling as we gave up several points on errors, but the SKYNT ladies really turned it on the second set.  Went the distance but came up short settling for a respectable 2nd place in the Gold!  Super proud of these young ladies and had a GREAT time hanging out with some cool families in Gatlinburg Tennessee!

UPDATE:  Due to the Coronavirus restrictions, USAV has cancelled and postponed tournaments until May.  Unfortunately for SKYNT, that ended our club season a little early.  We ended up not being able to play our last tourney, so this posse finished their season on high note with a 38-23 final record.  Hopefully the school restrictions will be lifted soon and these girls can get back in the gym prepping for their Freshman year of High School volleyball!  Can't wait to see them in their school colors (even though they look best in BLUE)!

SKYNT on three !!!
Feb 23, 2020
Down two players for the weekend, we had to move the furniture around, but you wouldn't have been able to tell since the girls played their hearts out for their missing teammates!  Came out hot with a 3-0 pool play record on Saturday putting us in the Gold.  Sunday, lost in the semifinal round settling for 3rd place.  Few weeks, we'll be in Gatlinburg hopefully 100% and ready for a big weekend!  SKYNT on three!
Feb 10, 2020
Had a slow start to the weekend taking three, 3-set losses in pool play Saturday @ Music City Meltdown which put us in Silver division.  After licking our wounds and resetting Sunday, the girls came out with a vengeance and took down our three opponents down each in two sets (one team was a previous pool play loss). So SKYNT ladies finished up the weekend with a 1st place title in the 14 Power Silver Division!  Back in Bowling Green next weekend @ the President's Day Bash!
Jan 26, 2020
Came out hot this weekend with a 2-1 (5-3 sets) pool play against some tough teams, which punched our ticket to the Gold Bracket.  Due to some sickness and injuries Sunday, had to move the furniture around a bit, which was evident in the girls' mojo, but they still battled going three sets for each of the two matches they played.  Even though we fell short, the competition was excellent and just what we needed to illuminate some things we need to work on.  When the smoke cleared, SKYNT faired out with a 2-3 (7-7 sets) weekend and a humbling 7th overall @ the Music City Block Party.  I expect our girls to get healed up within these next three weeks off and come back with a vengeance!  Rest well ladies, and we'll see everyone @ the President's Day Bash in BG!
Jan 13, 2020
Great start to the 2020 SKYNT 14u season!  Our first tourney was a one-day'er in Bowling Green where we played up in the 15 girls division. Without knowing what these ladies would do (knew their capabilities), they did not disappoint!  They came out hot and took down our first three teams in two sets. As we battled a tough JVC 15 team in the 1st set of their 4th match, we came up a little short with a 25-27 loss.  That set the stage for our last set as we ran out of gas and let JVC take us down and move on to the championship.  So the SKYNT ladies settled for a 3rd place finish in the Winter Warmup.  We'll be ready for the 11th Annual Music City Block Party in two weeks in Franklin TN!
Mar 25, 2019
What a way to end the 2019 SKYNT season!  After going 6-0 in Saturday's pool play, the girls came back ready to play on Sunday against some tough matchups.  Kinda an odd way to run a bracket as it was "Round Robin" style so we faced two Club Unite teams for the finals.  Battled the first CU team and came up a little short with a 2-set loss (18-25, 21-25), but bounced back and faced the other CU team to win in three (21-25, 25-18, 15-8).  The girls left it all on the court and walked away with heads held high and a 2nd place (Gold Div.) title to go with them.  Super proud of this team and how they've grown in such a short time.  This caps off our season with a total of 77 matches of volleyball (48 wins, 29 losses).  Our opponents were definitely tougher this year and it's just what we needed.  I can't wait to see these young ladies representing their schools here in a couple of months... they're ready!
SKYNT on Three!
Mar 18, 2019
Started out 5-3 in pool play @ Blue Raider Classic as we struggled to find consistency with serves and passes. Came up short in 3 sets in the semifinal round to get knocked out by MPVA Panthers.  Definitely wasn't on our game this weekend and caused us to settle with another 3rd place finish.  We'll be back in Bowling Green next weekend hoping to turn it around for our final tourney of the season!

Mar 13, 2019
So, SPIKAROO was definitely one to remember!  Matched up with our friendly rivals SPIKE 14-1 as we split sets with them right off the bat. Took down all the other teams to put us in Gold with a (7-1) #2 seed (3 points below SPIKE!).  Then the tornado warning forced everyone into the locker rooms to wait out the weather.  Because of the delay, the decision was made to play brackets in a one-set format per match.  We took down Limestone to make it to the championship where we met, who else, SPIKE!  It was a battle and both teams really brought it.  That match went extra points and SKYNT came up a little short losing (24-26).  It was a great time with crying and singing, then playing some of the best volleyball this coach has witnessed all season.  We'll be in Columbia next week and hope to bring the same energy!
Feb 25, 2019
SKYNT girls went 5-2 in pool play on Saturday (only loss was to Alabama Juniors, which went 3 sets.  This put us in Gold as we came in Sunday ready to play as we quickly took care of business with our first matchup.  Then, we quickly ran out of steam and bowed out with 3rd place.  Looking forward to SPIKAROO in a few weeks in Murfreesboro!

Feb 17, 2019
Another slow start as we were down two players at Saturday's pool play.  Went 3-4 for the day and that put us in Silver.  Went 3 sets with a solid GVC team out of Indiana but fell short in the 3rd set (13-15) and we then played for 3rd place against Ethos.  Handled that in two sets to wrap up the President's Day Bash in Bowling Green.  We have all players back for Club Clash next week so hopefully we'll come out of the corner swinging and have a solid weekend... Maybe I won't get yellow-carded! 

Jan 30, 2019
Got off to a slow start as we were down a player on Saturday @ the 10th Annual Music City Block Party.  The girls battled hard but some miscommunications and service errors prevented us from getting into a rhythm.  So, after going 3-5 in pool play, we came back Sunday (fully staffed) and took care of business.  Two back-to-back wins earned the SKYNT ladies the Silver Champions title.  Overall, was glad to see them bounce back after a long and tough weekend in Franklin, TN.  Looking forward to the Presidents Day Bash in Bowling Green in a few weeks! 

Jan 13, 2019
Great start to the SKYNT 14u season @ Winter Warmup! The girls went 4-0 in pool play to punch their ticket to the Gold Division.  In the first round, they came out of their corner swinging but fell short to a tough BRAVO 14 Black.  This sent us to our final match to battle SKEVA 14 Orange where our girls bounced back and took them down in two sets. So, overall the SKYNT girls settled with 3rd Place (Gold) in their first tourney of the season in Bowling Green!  Ready for the Music City Block Party in a few weeks...

Mar 26, 2018
After going 6-0 in pool play, SKYNT went straight to the championship where we battled a solid Fury 13 team (out of Huntsville, Al).  There we came up short both matches to settle for 2nd place overall and ended our season with our chins up in Murfreesboro TN. For 2018, these SKYNT ladies played seven tourneys and boasted 65 matches of volleyball (48 wins, 17 losses).  Racking up a 1st place overall, (2) 1st place Silvers, (3) 2nd place overalls and a 4th place overall, these ladies have exceeded this coach's expectations and I wish them the best with their Middle School teams!  Can't wait to see them again on the court.  SKYNT on three!!!

Mar 18, 2018
After going 4-0 in "A" pool, SKYNT got the #1 seed to Gold Division and a bye to the semifinals. We battled a very good River Cities Thunder 13 team and came out on top to punch our ticket to the championship.  There, we fell short to a hard-serving Union team to settle for a respectable 2nd place overall (Gold).  Big lessons learned, but overall a great weekend in Columbia, Ky!
Mar 13, 2018
Tough weekend @ SPIKAROO in Murfreesboro Tennessee as SKYNT was down a player and we just couldn't find our Mojo. After a tough 2-set loss to RCVC 13-1 in the semifinals, we ended up 5-5 and a 4th place overall finish for the tourney.  Hopefully we can bounce back next weekend in Columbia Ky.
Feb 25, 2018
SKYNT 13 are Club Clash runner up after a 2-match loss to a tough Alliance Airborne. After a 6-0 pool play on Saturday, we ended up 8-3 for the weekend! The girls fought hard both days and walked away with the 2nd place overall (13u) in Franklin Tennessee!
Feb 11, 2018
SKYNT 13 are the Volley Valentine Champs after a hard fought battle with a tough Spike 13-1 club.  SKYNT went 8-0 for the day and brought home the hardware! The girls played hard and adapted well to our recent offense change.  Another great (but long) day of volleyball in Antioch Tennessee!

Jan 28, 2018
SKYNT 13 took 1st place in the Silver Division with a 2-match win over RCVC 13-2.  SKYNT went 9-3 for the day and definitely had the tougher pool for seeding.  Great (but long) day of volleyball in Huntsville Alabama!
Jan 21, 2018
SKYNT 13 took 1st place in the Silver Division with a 2-match win over a very solid SKEVA 13 Blue.  SKYNT went 6-2 for the day with the only loss being to Force 14 Molten.  That wraps up the Lindsey Wilson Winter Warmup in Bowling Green.  Great Job Ladies!